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Laser scar treatment Oklahoma CityScars, no matter how small, can cause many individuals to feel self-conscious about their appearance. While certain creams and medications may make a scar less noticeable, some patients seek out more specialized treatments. Laser scar treatment, offered at Dr. Paul Silverstein's Oklahoma City plastic surgery practice, is an effective procedure proven to permanently reduce the appearance of scars. It is important to note that complete laser scar removal is not possible, but the appearance of scars can be drastically diminsihed with treatment. Utilizing the most advanced lasers available, Dr. Silverstein can restore damaged skin, stimulate collagen growth, and enhance the appearance of the skin. If you are interested in learning how laser therapy can effectively treat your scars, contact our Oklahoma City practice today to schedule a consultation.

What Is Laser Scar Treatment?

Laser scar treatment uses a powerful laser to remove areas of damaged skin and reveal a natural-looking new layer. This procedure can reduce the appearance of scars by up to 80 percent. It is also effective at treating certain instances of dyschromia, discoloration of the skin's pigmentation. In addition to altering scarred or discolored skin, the laser stimulates the growth of healthy skin. For optimal results, patients should expect to undergo multiple laser scar treatment sessions over the course of several visits to Dr. Silverstein's practice. The length of each treatment session will vary according to the type and size of the scar, but is typically about one hour.

Before Laser Scar Treatment

Scar reduction is a non-invasive treatment that is effective for many patients who have scars due to acne, burns, or trauma. Dr. Silverstein will first evaluate the patient's scars to determine the best course of treatment. The type of laser used, as well as the number of sessions required will depend on the type and size of the scar or area of discoloration. Some patients who are dealing with acne scars may receive better results from laser skin resurfacing. It is important for patients to let Dr. Silverstein know of any skin conditions such as psoriasis or cystic acne, as this may impact the outcome of the procedure.

The Scar Reduction Procedure

Laser scar reduction, sometimes referred to as laser scar removal is performed at our Oklahoma City practice under local anesthesia. Dr. Silverstein runs a high-powered laser over the length of the scar or discoloration to vaporize the top layer of skin. This removes and reshapes damaged tissue, making room for the growth of new, healthy tissue. It also promotes collagen growth, continuously rebuilding the skin after treatment. While the results of laser scar reduction are not immediately apparent, new skin will begin to generate in the days following the procedure. Patients can expect full results about one month after treatment.

After Laser Scar Treatment

Although patients may experience some mild discomfort and redness immediately after laser treatment, most can return to their normal routines immediately. In order to achieve optimal results, it is important that patients closely follow post-operative care instructions. Dr. Silverstein may prescribe a medicated cream to help the scar fade. It is also important to avoid excessive sun exposure as that can affect the skin's pigmentation. A few weeks after treatment, patients will return to Dr. Silverstein's practice for an evaluation. Most patients see a significant decrease in the appearance of their scars after a few weeks, and over time scars may diminish even further.

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While scars are, by definition, permanent, and full laser scar removal is not possible there are treatment options available that can significantly reduce their appearance and improve a patient's confidence. To learn more about laser scar treatment, contact our Oklahoma City practice today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Silverstein. We proudly serve patients from Tulsa, Norman, and surrounding communities.

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