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All people have hair on one or more parts of their bodies that can make them feel embarrassed or self-conscious. Fortunately, laser hair removal at our practice is a quick and effective way to remove hair from virtually any area on the body. Laser hair removal can permanently eliminate unwanted hair on the face, back, chest, underarms, legs, bikini area, or any other body part for smooth, beautiful results. Dr. Paul Silverstein uses advanced EpiTouch™ laser hair removal technology to provide patients with a quick and relatively pain-free experience and the most successful results possible. Learn more about the EpiTouch™ laser hair removal procedure we offer to patients in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, and nearby areas. 

EpiTouch™ Alex Laser Hair Removal — Quick, Permanent Results

Because Dr. Silverstein is dedicated to providing the safest and most effective treatments to his patients, he is proud to use the EpiTouch™ Alex laser for laser hair removal treatment at his practice in Oklahoma City. In fact, he is among the very few doctors in Oklahoma to use this amazing new technology for laser hair removal.

The EpiTouch™ Alex laser uses rapid pulses of light to target melanin in each hair follicle, which helps to release the hair without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Plus, the laser can be used to safely and precisely eliminate unwanted hair on virtually any area of the body. It is no wonder that Dr. Silverstein trusts in the EpiTouch™ Alex laser for hair removal. Contact our Oklahoma City practice to learn more about this exciting technology.

Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Patients who are interested in undergoing laser hair removal treatment at our Oklahoma City practice near Tulsa must first meet with Dr. Silverstein for an initial consultation. During the consultation, Dr. Silverstein will determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. The best candidates are in good health and have thick, course hair they would like removed. Thinner hair is harder to remove, and while it can be eliminated with laser hair removal, multiple treatments will be necessary, and treatment may not be very effective. Also, the color of the patient's skin and hair can determine how effective laser hair removal treatment will be. While individuals with dark skin and light hair can receive satisfying results from treatment, the most successful results are generally achieved on those with lighter skin and darker hair. In addition, women who are pregnant or taking certain prescription medications for acne should consult with their doctors before undergoing laser hair removal.

Once Dr. Silverstein determines that an individual is a good candidate for laser hair removal, he will explain the procedure in detail and discuss the benefits and risks of treatment. Patients are also encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns during this time. Dr. Silverstein's goal is to make sure that every patient can make the most educated decision about treatment.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

During the laser hair removal procedure at our Oklahoma City practice near Tulsa, Dr. Silverstein shines the EpiTouch™ Alex laser, calibrated to optimize the procedure for individual comfort, on hair follicles in the targeted area. The procedure is relatively pain-free, and a special gel can be used to make the procedure even more comfortable for the patient. Beautiful results can be achieved in as little as an 30 minutes. It is important to remember that because individual hairs grow at various stages, multiple treatments may be necessary for desired results.

After Laser Hair Removal

The majority of our patients are very pleased with their smooth, long-lasting results after laser hair removal treatment at our Oklahoma practice near Tulsa. Not only does laser hair removal quickly, effectively, and permanently eliminate unwanted hair, it is also very convenient. Patients who have received laser hair removal treatment no longer have to worry about shaving, tweezing, or waxing.

Some patients may experience redness, swelling, and other mild sunburn-like effects immediately after laser hair removal treatment. However, these side effects should diminish within 24 hours. Follow-up treatments should be scheduled four weeks after the procedure and continue until hair has been completely eliminated. Most patients experience an 80 percent reduction in hair growth. Laser hair removal is often combined with laser skin resurfacingchemical peelsPower Peel® Microdermabrasion, and other skin care treatments.

Experience the Benefits of EpiTouch™ Laser Hair Removal

Discover for yourself why the EpiTouch™ laser hair removal system is the preferred technology at our Oklahoma City practice near Tulsa and Norman. Contact Dr. Paul Silverstein to schedule a laser hair removal consultation.

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