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The neck is one of the areas of the body where the effects of time and gravity can be seen most prominently.  As the aging process and sun exposure cause the skin to lose its natural elasticity, droopy skin can begin to develop, obscuring the trim neck contours of youth. However, with a neck lift procedure, Dr. Paul Silverstein can remove excess skin and tighten the underlying muscles in order to give the neck a smoother, younger-looking appearance. We invite you to learn more about the neck lift procedure by visiting our Oklahoma City practice, serving patients from Tulsa, Norman, and other communities throughout Oklahoma.

Neck Lift Candidates

The neck lift procedure is appropriate for anyone who would like to restore youthful-looking neck contours that have disappeared as a result of the aging process, sun exposure, or rapid weight loss. These factors can all contribute to sagging, excess skin on the neck that might make one appear older than he or she actually is. The neck lift is often performed on patients in their forties, fifties, and sixties, but older patients may be good candidates for the procedure as well if their skin retains some elasticity. During a neck lift consultation at our Oklahoma City practice, Dr. Silverstein will evaluate your unique needs and goals and will offer a realistic assessment of the results you can expect to achieve with treatment.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Dr. Silverstein will begin the procedure by making several small incisions that are discreetly hidden behind the ears and underneath the chin. Next, excess skin will be carefully trimmed away, and, if necessary, the underlying neck muscles will be tightened. If the patient has excess fat in the neck, then liposuction is performed at this time in order to further enhance the results of the procedure. The entire neck lift may take approximately three hours to complete. The neck lift can be combined with facelift surgery for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Results and Recovery

Most patients are thrilled with the results of neck lift treatment at our Oklahoma City practice and require only a brief recovery period of 10 to 14 days before they return to work and their normal routines. Strenuous exercise and activities should be avoided for several additional weeks. Dr. Silverstein will provide detailed instructions for the days and weeks after your procedure to ensure that you recover from surgery as quickly as possible.

The final results from the neck lift procedure should appear within three to six months, and they will last for approximately five to ten years. To learn about the kind of results that you can expect to achieve, please contact our practice today and arrange a consultation with Dr. Silverstein.

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Dr. Paul Silverstein has been successfully performing neck lift surgery for over 30 years, creating trimmer, smoother, more clearly defined neck contours that are attractive and youthful looking. To learn about the neck lift results that are possible for you at our practice in Oklahoma City, we invite you to arrange a personal consultation today.

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