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Over time, wrinkles and frown lines can develop on the forehead, and the brows can become furrowed. These changes can cause one to appear perpetually sad, angry, or tired. Dr. Paul Silverstein recognizes the importance that the appearance of the brows and forehead can have in overall facial aesthetics, and he is pleased to offer surgical treatment that specifically targets this area, in addition to minimally-invasive BOTOX® injections. We invite you to contact our practice to learn more about what's involved with brow lift surgery at our Oklahoma City practice, and how the procedure can refresh the forehead and brows and restore a smoother, younger-looking appearance.

Brow Lift Candidates

The brow lift is often performed for patients between the ages of 40 and 60 who would like to reverse the signs of aging on the forehead and restore a refreshed, more alert glow. The procedure can be performed on younger patients who would like to correct drooping brows or frown lines that have developed early, possibly as a result of stress or heredity.  Patients over the age of 60 may also be good candidates for the procedure. Dr. Silverstein will examine your needs and goals during a brow lift consultation at our Oklahoma City practice, where he will decide which course of treatment will offer you the best results. Some patients may be better served with eyelid of facelift surgery, or a combination of these treatments with the brow lift procedure.

Brow Lift Surgery and Recovery

After making a discreet incision along the patient's hairline, Dr. Silverstein will carefully lift the forehead skin so that he has access to the underlying muscle and tissue. Excess tissue will be removed and the forehead muscles will be relaxed. Excess skin is then trimmed away and, if necessary, the eyebrows will be lifted.

Some patients may be good candidates for the endoscopic brow lift technique, a method that uses several small incisions instead of one long incision. In the endoscopic brow lift, a tiny camera and specialized surgical instruments are inserted into the incisions, allowing Dr. Silverstein to complete the procedure in a less invasive manner.

Although pain and discomfort after brow lift surgery should be minimal, patients will need time to rest before they resume their normal routines. Recovery from traditional brow lift surgery may take between seven and ten days, at which time most patients are able to return to their jobs and resume other activities. The recovery period may be a little shorter for endoscopic brow lift patients. Both traditional and endoscopic brow lift patients should avoid strenuous exercise and physical activity for several additional weeks. Throughout your healing period, Dr. Silverstein and our staff are available for support and will help ensure that your recovery is as smooth and as fast as possible.

Contact Our Practice to Arrange a Free Brow Lift Consultation

A brow lift procedure can significantly reduce the appearance of drooping brows as well forehead wrinkles and lines. Dr. Silverstein performs this technique with precision and skill to create a smoother, younger-looking brow. To learn more about how you can refresh your appearance so that you no longer look continually sad, angry, or tired, arrange a brow lift consultation at our Oklahoma City practice today.

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