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If you have lost a breast due to cancer, our team will work together to help you feel more feminine and self-assured by restoring your natural curves. New breast reconstruction materials and techniques have enhanced the quality of results more than ever before. The first stage of breast reconstruction can sometimes be performed as soon as the mastectomy is complete so that patients never have to see themselves without a breast. We invite you to learn more about Dr. Paul Silverstein and breast reconstruction at our practice, serving Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Ardmore, and other nearby communities.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Silverstein performs two types of breast reconstruction procedures: skin expansion and flap reconstruction. Each method involves several different steps. The skin expansion technique involves the use of breast implants, and the flap reconstruction technique uses tissues from the patient's abdomen or other areas to create the breast mound. Dr. Silverstein will choose the breast reconstruction method that is most appropriate for your age, health, body type, and goals. Prior to surgery Dr. Silverstein will discuss with you the risks that are involved with breast reconstruction as well as the scarring that occurs, but he has earned a distinguished reputation for the safety and quality of his work.

Skin Expansion with Breast Implants

The skin expansion technique is one of the most common methods of breast reconstruction. This procedure involves placing a tissue expander beneath the skin and chest muscle. A salt water solution is periodically injected into the expander so that it gradually expands over a period of a few weeks or months. In a second operation, the expander is removed and replaced with an implant, similar to the kind used in breast augmentation procedures. A third operation will be performed to reconstruct the nipple and areola, the darker-colored area around the nipple. To learn more about the skin expansion method of breast reconstruction, please contact our Oklahoma City practice serving Tulsa and other communities throughout the state.

Flap Reconstruction

In flap reconstruction, the breast mound is created using tissues from the patient's own body. These tissues come from areas of the body such as the abdomen and are surgically transplanted into the chest. The nipple and areola will be reconstructed in a follow-up surgery. Although flap reconstruction generally requires a longer recovery time, as well as an extra scar where the tissue was removed, it can achieve results that are more natural-looking than other types of breast reconstruction. In addition, by removing excess skin and fat from the stomach, Dr. Silverstein is able to give the patient the added benefit of a tummy tuck.

After Breast Reconstruction

A hospital stay of two to five days is generally necessary to begin the recovery period after breast reconstruction. Stitches will be removed within seven to ten days of surgery. Patients may experience some soreness for one to two weeks after the procedure, and a full recovery may take several additional weeks. If either flap reconstruction or skin expansion is performed along with the mastectomy, then the full recovery period can take up to five or six weeks. Recovery from the flap reconstruction procedure by itself may also take that long.

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The entire team at our plastic and reconstructive surgery practice looks forward to making your breast reconstruction experience as smooth and rewarding as possible, from assistance with insurance paperwork to answering your questions and providing you with support. We invite you to meet with Dr. Paul Silverstein and discuss which type of breast reconstruction is most appropriate for your needs. Individuals seeking breast reconstruction travel to Oklahoma City from Tulsa, Stillwater, Duncan, and throughout the entire state in order to receive treatment with our highly respected surgeon.

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