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Liposuction can help tone and sculpt body contours for patients who have localized deposits of fat in areas such as the thighs, buttocks, knees, and upper arms. Although liposuction should not be considered a weight loss treatment, the procedure can successfully remove excess fat cells from patients who have tried dieting and exercise but have not noticed satisfactory results. Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures at our plastic surgery practice and can help both women and men achieve a trimmer appearance where they desire it most. Dr. Paul Silverstein offers liposuction to individuals from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, and throughout the state. We invite you to contact our practice to learn more about this body contouring treatment.

Treatment Areas

Liposuction can be performed on any area of the body with excess fat deposits that have not been responsive to dieting and exercise. Commonly targeted locations include the hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, upper arms, knees, chin, cheeks, and neck. Treatment can be performed on several different areas during the same procedure.

The Liposuction Procedure

Depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the number of areas being treated, liposuction will be performed at our on-site surgicenter or at one of the two hospitals where Dr. Silverstein has surgical privileges. If the patient is undergoing a tummy tuck or other cosmetic surgery procedure in conjunction with liposuction, then treatment is often performed at Integris Baptist Medical Center or Mercy Health Center.  If the patient is not receiving additional treatment, then Dr. Silverstein generally performs liposuction at our Oklahoma City facilities, convenient to Tulsa, Norman, and surrounding areas. Our 10,000 square foot surgicenter is state of the art and has received both state and federal accreditation.

After making a tiny incision over the area of the body where the patient desires body contouring, Dr. Silverstein will insert a specialized surgical tube called a cannula into the underlying layer of fat cells. Excess fat deposits will be gently suctioned out of the body through the cannula. After treatment is complete in one area, Dr. Silverstein will make a new incision and repeat the process if additional locations are being targeted.

Although this basic technique is the same for all liposuction procedures, different variations may be used depending on the safest and most effective approach for each individual patient and their age, health, and treatment goals.

After Liposuction Treatment

Dr. Silverstein will be available throughout your recovery period to ensure that you are healing as quickly and as smoothly as possible. You may experience mild soreness for a few days after the procedure; Dr. Silverstein will prescribe medication to alleviate any pain. You will be given a snug elastic garment to wear for several weeks to help control swelling. Patients are advised to start walking as soon as possible to help prevent blood clots from forming in their legs, but strenuous activity should be avoided for about a month. Many patients are able to return to work within a week of their procedure. Final results may take several months to completely appear, at which time patients can fully enjoy the benefits of liposuction treatment, including their enhanced appearance, increased self-confidence, and new wardrobe choices.

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Dr. Paul Silverstein is proud that so many patients have selected him to perform liposuction from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Stillwater, Duncan, Enid, and many other areas across the state. We invite you to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon to learn about the individual results that you can achieve with liposuction.

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