Jan 13
By Paul Silverstein

A woman resting in bedWhenever a patient considers plastic surgery, they often ask someone at our Oklahoma City how much time off they'll need from work. It's a legitimate concern. After a body contouring or sculpting surgery, or even a facial procedure, taking at least a week off from work is recommended.

We'd like to take a moment to consider this topic in greater detail so you can make plans and consider your treatment options accordingly.

Your Focus Should Be on Rest and Recovery

After you undergo a plastic surgery procedure, your first priority should be getting ample rest. This allows you to recover sooner and to avoid serious post-op complications. While patients are advised to walk around a little bit to promote circulation, strenuous physical activities of all kinds should be avoided.

As such, it's important that patients take time off from work. This will allow the patient to focus on recovery and not put themselves at unneeded risk.

Time Off Work Depends on the Type of Surgery

The amount of time that you take off from work can vary from surgery to surgery. An approximate list of time off is included below:

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery – 1 week off from work
  • Breast Lift Surgery - 1 week off from work
  • Breast Reduction Surgery - 1 week off from work
  • Male Breast Reduction - 1 week off from work
  • Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) - 1 week off from work
  • Liposuction - 1 week off from work
  • Brow Lift Surgery - 1 to 2 weeks off from work
  • Facelift - 2 weeks off from work
  • Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) - 2 weeks off from work
  • Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) - 3 to 4 weeks off from work
  • Mommy Makeover Surgery - 3 to 4 weeks off from work
  • Body Lift Surgery - 3 to 4 weeks off from work

Your surgeon will have more detailed instructions about the amount of time you need off from work as well as activities to avoid as your are recovering.

Easing Into Normal Working Duties

Even though you may have returned to work after a few weeks, that does not mean you are ready to resume normal work duties. If you have a physically demanding job, such as one that requires heavy lifting or manual labor, you may need to avoid performing some of your job duties until you are cleared by your surgeon.

The same is true for your normal exercise routine. You will want to take time to ensure you are completely healed before engaging in strenuous activity.

Making Sure Wellness Is Your Priority

During your consultation and your follow-up visits, we will be sure to provide you with ample information on healing and recovery, as well as when you can resume certainly physical activities in your professional life and your personal life. Your health is our priority.

Learn More About Plastic Surgery Recovery

For more information about recovering from plastic surgery procedures and how we can help you look your absolute best, be sure to contact our team of cosmetic plastic surgery experts today. The team at our practice is here to help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals.

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