The Cutera Titan XL

Skin Tightening Oklahoma City

Skin Tightening Oklahoma City

The Cutera Titan XL is a comfortable, non-invasive method of skin tightening available at our Oklahoma City practice serving Tulsa and surrounding areas. Childbirth, fluctuating body weight, and the natural aging process can all take a toll on the skin’s elasticity. If sagging or winkling skin is obscuring the contours of your body, the Titan XL can help restore the elasticity of your skin. Best of all, it requires no surgery and no downtime. In fact, the procedure itself is painless, comfortable, and relaxing. If you are interested in enhancing your appearance through skin tightening, contact Dr. Paul Silverstein’s Oklahoma City practice today to schedule a consultation.

Titan XL Candidates

The Titan XL treatment is best suited to patients who have loose or sagging skin on the face, arms, abdomen, legs, and other areas, but aren’t necessarily ready to undergo surgery to achieve tighter skin (however, Titan XL can be combined with surgical treatments such as a brow lift or neck lift, depending upon your goals). Dr. Silverstein can help you to determine whether Titan XL is the best means of helping you achieve tighter skin.

How Titan XL Works

The fundamental principal of Titan XL is the stimulation of collagen production in your skin. Collagen is a group of proteins that occur naturally in the skin and connective tissues. Collagen gives the skin the ability to resist strain. As we age, and as increasing strain is placed on the skin during pregnancy or weight gain, collagen begins to break down. As a result, the skin can begin to sag, failing to fully complement your body contours.

The Titan XL is a hand-held device that delivers infrared light below the skin’s surface, heating the dermis, or the underlying tissue that partially consists of collagen fibers. This causes the network of collagen fibers to tighten, thereby making the skin more taut and elastic. Treatment takes about an hour and is performed under topical anesthesia to ensure your comfort. You can leave our office and resume your normal activities immediately afterward.

The Results

You can expect to see tighter skin within a few weeks of receiving the Titan XL treatment. The results become fully apparent after about three to six months. Patients often experience satisfying results after a single treatment, but in some cases, multiple treatments may be recommended. Dr. Silverstein will conduct an in-depth consultation so that your goals, skin type, and other factors can be used to determine the most effective course of treatment possible.

Because Titan XL does not halt the aging process, and because everyone’s skin is different, it is difficult to predict how long the results of treatment will last. However, many patients have reported having tighter skin for several years. You can prolong the results of your Titan XL treatment by wearing sunscreen when you venture outdoors, not smoking, and generally taking excellent care of your skin.

Learn More about Titan XL

Dr. Silverstein and his caring staff are passionate about helping their patients achieve vibrant, younger-looking skin through non-invasive Cutera treatments. If you want to achieve tighter skin, but do not wish to undergo surgery, injections, or other invasive treatments, please contact our Oklahoma City practice today. Our Titan XL skin tightening treatment can give you beautiful results without requiring you to put your life on hold.

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